Lindsay’s List – May 2015: Four Things I Learned at Creative South

I’m an avid con-goer of the nerdy persuasion, so when Creative South 2015 came around I was beyond excited. I was ready to be inspired and to meet people from other places with different experiences. I learned so much while I was there and here are a few things that I wanted to share.

1. Networking happens in many different forms.
Probably my favorite part of these kinds of events is networking. What made this event different was that networking happened anywhere. Whether it was at the parties or shuffling between the vendor room and the theater, you never knew who you would meet. I even met a guy who helps people start podcasts –  so if I ever work up the nerve then I have a contact.

2. Know why you’re there and what you’re looking to get out of it.
Another good thing is to know is why you are there. Do you want to learn how to take your hand lettering to the next level? Or how to make illustrations for Conan O’Brien? Figure what you what you want to improve and then research the speakers so you know which talks you should attend. Then pull out the main idea out from a talk that will help you reach your goal. Don’t be there just to sit on your phone in the audience while instagramming.

3. The importance of a Passion Project.
A theme I heard several times was the importance of passion projects – because this is the work you want to do even if you don’t get paid. The amazing work people shared – that they started without a financial motivation – inspired me to find my own passion project. Often your 9-to-5 doesn’t allow you to stretch all of your creatives muscles. I’m not sure what mine is just yet, but don’t worry I’ll definitely share it with you when I do.

4. Be humble.
One important thing to learn and remember is to be humble. For the most part everyone there was a graphic designer. So the people I was impressed by the most were the ones who shared their story in a humble manner and not a bragging one. This applies to people in attendance as well. There were thousands of others things I learned and I will be learning even more at the next Creative South in 2016. Hope you can make it!

By Lindsay Sherrin, Events Director
Published May 15, 2015
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