Podcasting: From Start to Style

Podcasting: From Start to Style
with Johnny Gwin ~ Owner & Producer at Deep Fried Studios

Thursday, November 17, 2016 at the Container Yard
6-6:30pm: Mix & Mingle
6:30-7:30: Presentation & Q&A

Ever wanted to have your own podcast? Dying to tell your story or share your genius to the world? Johnny Gwin, owner & producer at Deep Fried Studios, will walk you through the design and execution of creating your radio-like and internet distributed audio show. Learn what you need and what to avoid from someone who has made over a hundred podcast episodes and many mistakes along the way in getting a podcast studio off the ground and shows out to the Listener.

In this hands-on presentation, Johnny Gwin will walk you through the equipment, resources, process, inspiration and energy needed to make your amazing podcast. From podcast listener to seasoned microphone pro, Johnny Gwin has something for everyone to help them tell their story, get on air and be heard.

What You Will Learn:

> What the heck is a Podcast?
> Equipment needed to get started and to grow into.
> The five essentials needed to make a great podcast
> Prep and planning tools and resources
> Recording and interviewing tips and advice
> Essential graphic and promo assets needed for any show
> How to get your show on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast and Google Play
> Growing an audience
> Monetizing and growing your business with a podcast 

Who is Johnny Gwin:
Johnny Gwin loves his many lives. One life is being the Creative Director and Partner at Hummingbird Ideas Digital Advertising & Design Studio. Another life is learning to be the Content Creator at Deep Fried Studios, a podcast creation and media production studio dedicated to creating the most compelling and entertaining podcasts possible. And embarking on another life, Johnny is just co-founded and launched Mobile's newest creative Downtown Co-working Club called - Container Yard. 

Johnny's new career purpose is to successfully combine creativity, art, commerce, and the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. He believes everyone has an amazing story to share and that we can all be creative thinkers. Currently, when he is not hosting Crusader of Cool and Pulpit To Pew, co-hosting WTF with Carole & Johnny (Crazy Marketing Ladies Show) and Lagniappe's Real Deal w/ Ron Sivak, Johnny is working on a Joe Cain children's book and Infinite Pilgrim. Infinite Pilgrim is a book and a podcast (in production) that explores the freedom of not being a guru but explores the joy of always striving to be one.

Hear Johnny’s podcasts:
Pulpit To Pew: http://apple.co/1T9SLhh
Crusader Of Cool: http://apple.co/2advTSI
Real Deal / Ron Sivak: http://apple.co/1W1utMd

Guest interview on Jason Frostholm’s Creative South Podcast: http://bit.ly/29XT4jC
Guest interview on Marcus Neto’s Alabama Business Podcast http://bit.ly/29hV0zp

When & Where
Thu, Nov 17, 2016 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CST
Container Yard
951 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36604