Call for nominations – Chapter Manager

The Chapter Manager works with the President to review event proposals and budgets, oversee the financial stability of the chapter, make decisions regarding Chapter policy, and provide guidance for the Board of Directors and the Chapter as a whole. The Chapter Manager is responsible for keeping all Board members up-to-date on pertinent dates and details and serves as project manager for the organization. As an officer position tasked with fiscal responsibility and record-keeping, only members who have served as a director for a minimum of one-year may be elected to serve as Chapter Manager.

Duties include:

  • Recording the minutes from every board meeting
  • Posting the minutes on Slack within 5 days of the meeting and notifying the board when the minutes are posted
  • Assigning tasks to various directors within Asana
  • Maintaining the legal records of the chapter
  • Working with the executive committee to keep articles of incorporation
  • Annual filing of corporate status with the state, Chapter bylaws, policies and procedures up to date
  • Maintaining board member lists on the Google Docs
  • Compiling the Board Reports each month and minutes
  • Monitor Chapter financial activity to ensure long-term stability and sustainability of Chapter finances.
  • Record all chapter financial transactions and report the monthly financial report during each board meeting.
  • Provide administration for Chapter’s bank accounts
  • Ensure Chapter financial goals are established and communicated to the board, national, and external partners
  • Work with bookkeeping software to generate monthly financial statements including year-to-date income and expense, monthly income and expense, and investment balances
  • Monitor actual expenses against projected budgets
  • Ensure annual budget projections are available to the Chapter board for review and approval by Chapter planning meeting/retreat
  • Serve on Executive Committee and attend monthly committee meetings

Nominations must be received by December 4th, 2020

How to submit your nomination

By aigamobile
Published October 4, 2016
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