Call for nominations – Promotions Director

AIGA Mobile is seeking a Promotions Director. The promotions director works in tandem with the content director to plan, schedule, distribute and create content for all channels of communication. Some duties listed may overlap with the content director and will be considered joint or shared tasks. Familiarity with social media platforms is recommended. The person elected will serve out the rest of the current board term ending March 31st, 2021. 

The Promotions Director oversees the development and implementation of AIGA Mobile communications, strategies, and messages to support our members. Ensure communications are in alignment with AIGA and AIGA Mobile’s missions and goals. The Director will work to present a clear, unified voice that is in the best interest of the Chapter and consistent with AIGA ethics and communications guidelines. Maintain the sophistication and respect of AIGA Mobile as it communicates with its audience.

Duties include:

  • Ensure communications are consistent and adhere to any sponsorship agreements
  • Maintain a calendar of communications 
  • Manage chapter social media accounts and messages
  • Answer or forward to the appropriate board member questions submitted via social media accounts 
  • Create and manage online event ticketing with Eventbrite 
  • Add event promotions and images to our WordPress-based website
  • Create paid advertising campaigns via social media if requested
  • Create standardized hashtags for events
  • Report on social media analytics at board meetings
  • Help build and oversee the communications committee – delegate duties as needed for online and print activities
  • Photography as needed or coordinating with volunteer photographers (ex. taking photos at events to post on social media platforms/website)
  • Videography/editing as needed or coordinating with volunteer videographers/editors

Nominations are due December 4th, 2020. 

How to submit your nomination

By aigamobile
Published May 10, 2019
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