5 in 5 – Meet the AIGA Mobile Board

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Megan Cary
September 9, 2015
Joannah Seaborn

Joannah Seaborn

We sat down with AIGA Mobile President, Joannah Seaborn, a native Mobilian, University of South Alabama graduate and Graphic Designer at Infirmary Health as she answered 5 questions in 5 minutes.

1. Who is your design hero?
My design hero is Paula Scher. I listened to one of her TED talks years ago and I instantly became a fan. She has an amazing range of work and a respected career that spans four decades. I’m particularly inspired by her typographic and environmental design.

2. What is your favorite (and least favorite) font and why?
I dig clean, minimalist style in my work, so my go-to fonts are usually Franklin Gothic and Helvetica. I love the simplicity of these typefaces and how easily they can adapt to different projects.

There are many bad fonts being over-used but I would say that I’m specially annoyed by Papyrus, which is the KING of bad fonts. I simply don’t like it because of its constant misuse and because it isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

3. Do you have any passion/side projects?
No, big projects currently, but within the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to venture out and explore a few new areas creatively. I have developed a niche for photography, videography and illustration. Outside of work I try to dedicate my personal time to playing with one of these mediums. I hope to share some of my new work soon.

4. What are three words that define you?
Enthusiastic, imaginative and easy-going.

5. Last but not least, why did you join AIGA?
I wanted to become part of a creative community where I could grow as a designer, contribute and connect with other people like myself.


Connect with Joannah
Twitter: @jseaBORN_Cr8tiv
Instagram: @jseaborn
Periscope: @jseaBORN_Cr8tiv

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